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Ok, I admit it, I suck!!

Oct. 12th, 2007 | 12:46 am

Haha, good line eh? Well it has been, well..........way too long since I have posted in my journal. What kind of girl am I to abandon something so friggin cool?????

Anyway, I've had a calm few weeks really. I just got back from Philly and everyone knows I love Philly of course ;) It is one of my favorite places to visit. Taylor and I managed to behave ourselves for once (of course we were naughty with each other, but we never behave ourselves like that) and not go out on the town. It was difficult, but I am proud to say that I arrived home without partying in Philly, is this a first? Something about Old Town, or Old City or whatever they call it that just gets me going, not to mention following that up with one of my favorite strip club Delilah's Den. That place rocks!!!!

So whats new with me? Hmmmm, well I bought a horse. :) I have been riding almost every day when I am home and it is something I'm really getting into. My horse is a super cool Tennessee Walker who is just a little crazy and seriously pretty.......remind you of anyone? haha I'm buying another soon, an Arabian who is a handsome gelding. Enough about the horses!

This month should be a fun one, I'll be heading to Chicago next week then Detroit after that, and THEN I will be taking my first trip to San Francisco. I'm really excited about visiting San Fran and need to come up with a list of cool stuff to do if anyone wants to help out!

I'm back :)

Aug. 27th, 2006 | 09:16 pm

I made it home safely from LA, I won't be doing too much interesting stuff this week......just taking it easy. I should have some new pictures up this week once I get them all resized and blurred. I want to get a few new ones soon since I got a few cute new outfits it LA. I'll write more this week, I'm pretty tired and I'm sure this post is pretty boring for you! lol

Does my flight really leave tonight? Damnit!

Aug. 26th, 2006 | 08:11 am

Lol, ok I am having such a great time out here that I will need volunteers to drag me kicking and screaming onto the plane tonight. It might take a few of you since I'm a pretty strong chic lol.

Here is my short essay on why I love LA:

Hehe, I know that isn't an essay.......but that pretty much says everything ;) It is just so beautiful out here. I spent yesterday in Malibu having lunch with a friend. Here is the view from my chair of where we ate:

Yep, it's hard to be me lol. Actually it kinda is this morning since I drank way too much champagne yesterday (which you can see from the pic) and I feel a little crappy. I'm going back to the beach today so I refuse to stay in bed. What other force on earth can get me out of bed at 7am? lol

I'll write more when I get home, I have so much to do on my last day!!!!!!

She wore an itsy bitsy teenie........

Aug. 24th, 2006 | 11:12 pm

wienie yellow polka dot bikini!!!!! Hehe, so here it is:

I've been taking the journal pics myself from a webcam, so forgive me for the horrible photography lol. I can't do everything ;) Here is a pic with my wonderful tatoo included:

and here is a back view:

There are so many bikini shops around here that I'm getting myself into some huge trouble. I mean, how many towns carry bikinis big enough to fit my huge titties? A girl has to buy that stuff when she has the opportunity, right? I think I personally define rationalization hehe.

I got tons of new pics, I'll be posting them soon.


I really, really wanna move to LA lol

Aug. 24th, 2006 | 07:23 pm

Ok, I finally got settled into a really nice hotel. The last one sucked so bad, they didn't even have an elevator.......they had a lift. I refused to get on it and draggin your bags up 4 flight of stairs when you had to pay extra to even get them on the plane because of the weight is NO easy task haha.

I spent alot of time on the beach, and I must have walked 5 miles at least. I could do that all day, but a girl has to have some fun, right?

I have now bought 500 dollars worth of bikinis....I think I might be developing an addiction. I thought I was safe until I walked past yet another bikini store and they had the cutest yellow polka dotted bikini ever, AND they had a top that actually fit my huge tits lol. Now how can a girl pass that up? I got some pictures earlier with some of the others, so now I gotta get some of this new one. I never want to leave CA damnit.......I already pushed my flight from Friday night to Saturday night lol.

I'll write more and put some pics up later. I'm going to go work out before the workout center closes (they close at 9pm, wtf?)


I love the show us your tits lol

Aug. 24th, 2006 | 01:21 am

That comment was just plain funny. Well, if you haven't seen it I have a brand new picture on my website with many more to follow this week :) I am in LA and did I ever mention how much I LOVE LA? lol I do, this city is even better in the summer. I got my monroe piercing done agian, nothing too scary, here is a pic:

and here is a pic with my nipple in it, obviously I had had my fair share of zinfandel at the time so please forgive the dark red tongue:

Hehe, I'm staying right on Venice beach. What an awesome area, I can't believe the people and the shopping! On the down side this is probably the worst hotel I've ever had to stay in. I left a very nice, upscale hotel today to come here........and GAWD what a shocker. I'm paying 219 per night here and this is way worse than the 35 bucks per night hotels at home. On the bright side I hit the outside right onto the sand in the heart of Venice, so it isn't all bad. It is clean and safe, but not much more. It reminds me of a very dumpy small apartment. I got a really hot new bikini, and I'm gonna get some pics in it tomorrow.

I've been kinda lazy out here, and my desires are NOT satisfied at all lol. I gotta work on that. In the meantime I have been masturbating like crazy, here is proof:

Like you can see from the new pic on my website, I am a brunette again. I'm in the market for new pussy, so anyone with any ideas please contact me. I did get drunk a few weekends ago and slept with an old college friend......she is really hot. I only have one friend (ladies I'm talking about here) that I haven't slept with and she has been hitting on me so maybe I'll just give in. Why have one exception? lol


Another exciting day ;)

Aug. 11th, 2006 | 09:02 pm

Lol, not really. Today was rather calm except for a bipolar front desk clerk that decided at 4pm that my hotel room should be vacant. She said no one was checked into my room, wft??? I was just down there 2 hours before that getting my key redone since it wasn't working. I really hate hotels, maybe that timeshare thing isn't such a bad idea after all :-D

I'm really looking forward to being on the beach alot this fall :) I've included LA and South Beach in my travels, and not to mention a nice long vacation at the end of August. I need it :-D

I didn't do much today, went tanning and worked out but was too busy to do much else. Detroit is always very good to me, I like it here. I'm leaving late tonight, I really prefer driving at night since the cops and the traffic are gone (usually). I have way too many speeding tickets to get another one, I'm developing quite a file. My license is suspended AGAIN lmao because I missed one of the ones I got a while ago (must have lost it or something lol, had to wait until they sent me a letter to figure out what little tiny town it was in). I should be up and running by next week, for now I'll just pretend to have a license. Ugh, the DMV is so gay, give it to me then take it back ;)

I'll probably have a boring weekend, but I'll let everyone know how it goes. My friends want me to go out tomorrow night but I really don't feel like having a hangover Sunday so I think I'll come up with some lame excuse.

Wow, I've been such a slacker!!

Aug. 10th, 2006 | 04:24 pm

Ok, Ok, I know, where the hell did I go for all of that time? :) I've done tons of stuff actually, nothing earth-shattering but fun of course. I bought a new house and I've been working on that alot, but other than that I have no excuse why I haven't wrote for months. Traveling has been fun, but I am sooooooooooo sick of hotels that I am looking forward to taking a few weeks off here and there throughout the fall to do some serious vacationing. I was going to go on vacation this summer, but I decided I would rather go somewhere warm when it isn't so damn hot back home. That way I can call my friends while I am on the beach and they are freezing their asses off :D We need to start some kind of traveling girl timeshare service, I love traveling but hotels really suck after you travel so long. Even the nicest hotels start looking the same, like little one room jail cells (I've never actually been in jail, so I imagine they are much worse but I don't wanna know lmao). One of you guys need to give up your house for the week when I come to town, k? lol Ok, I'll stick to hotels......

A few things that were old are new again, I quit smoking AGAIN. It is only day 3, but I'm sure some people noticed my relapse and wondered what was wrong with me. I promise to never do it again, it is a really hard habit to break. I've still been working out while I was smoking, but I'm going to step up my workout program again to keep me busy. I need to keep things in my mouth also :-D any ideas?

Some may have heard that I even went blonde again, yes I had another I hate brown hair phase BUT I will be my natural dark, dark brown again this Sunday. That is another thing I will never do, the upkeep on blonde hair when you are naturally dark brunette is a killer. I still can't figure out how I turned out with brown hair, my sister is naturally platinum blonde and pale skinned......and all the hair on my body is blonde except for my head hehehe. Oh well, I love the brunette look anyway. I got all the tits (my sis is a B cup) so I guess we can't have it all, right? I'd love to have naturally light blonde hair, ugh. I managed to get the super pale skin also, which means to keep a very light golden tan (I don't like that over-tanned leathery look, yuck) I need to tan at least 3 times a week. That isn't fair, I should have been Italian not Czech lol.

I'm really excited that I will be in LA again soon, just one and a half weeks........yeaaah! I guess that will be a mini-vacation since I'm staying right on the beach. I'm in Detroit right now, well it looks like what I remember Detroit looking like a little bit since you can't really tell with all this CONSTRUCTION.....ugh. It is even worse than PA, and I never thought I'd say that lol. It is a nice city, I hope they have it fixed by the next time I am here (road construction revolves around my travels, right?).

I'm posting a picture of my puppy, he is much bigger now but for all of the dog lovers I thought you'd like to see him since you hear about him so much. This is Zeke at about 2 1/2 months, he is almost 6 months now. I'll get some more pictures......he is a silver lab. My girl Shelly (2 1/2 years old) who is also a silver lab will be having puppies soon, probably around Sept 21st. I'm super excited!! Here is my baby:

I'm soooooooo boring

Mar. 7th, 2006 | 01:29 am

Well not really, today I didn't work out or tan. I had this great "have a few beers with friends" idea last night and it turned into a really big hangover today. OUCH OUCH OUCH......why is it that when I was 20 I could jump right back up the next day, but now that I am 28 I am near death the next day? Getting old sucks!

I'm off to Philly tomorrow, it should be a fun week. I will be behaving, working out, and tanning not to mention my other fun modeling stuff :)

Home sweet home

Mar. 4th, 2006 | 11:01 pm

Ah, there is nothing like getting home after a very long stressful travel day. Some days seem like they will never end. My flight was at 6am this morning, so we all know Taylor and I didn't dare go to bed last night. The chances of us getting up at 4am are probably right along with the chances of winning the lottery or getting struck by lightning.......I mean it could happen if the hotel had a really loud fire alarm or something, but normally we would have slept through the flight. Then in my general style, I called the front desk around 4:27 to let him know I was going to be about 5 minutes late for the 4:30 shuttle.......he didn't see things my way (does he know who I am? lmao) and informed me that the shuttle was leaving at 4:30 whether or not I was on it. What a jerk! Then when I requested luggage assistance I found out they didn't offer that until 6am......that was really fun. Anyone who knows how I pack would see what a horror that was......so it was interesting that I actually made the shuttle. I'm in pretty good shape but that was a workout!! I was bitching the whole way about how there was no way possible anyone else was up at 430am on a Saturday morning much less flying at that time, and believe it or not the shuttle was packed hehe. There are some crazy people out there!

Then once at the airport the curb guy informs me that my bag is overweight, I argue that there was no was possible it was over 50 pounds and after going back and forth for a while we take it in to weigh it. 69 pounds :) I have no clue how I manage these things. I had two other bags and one of those was probably overweight too so I kept my mouth shut after that. I paid the overage and Taylor and I got sidetracked drinking lots of coffee and almost didn't make the flight, we had to sprint through a few concourses but we just made the cut. I got a few hours sleep on that flight and then we had to connect, and the second flight I slept about 40 minutes........thank goodness I am still young :)

Oh yeh, and I am FREEZING here lol. Complain complain complain.......:) But I am very glad to be home and it is a great feeling to crawl in bed and unwind after a day like that. I'm sure I will sleep well tonight! LA was a great time as usual and I'm already planning my next trip in April where I will secure my rental for the summer and be a temporary LA resident. I am soooooooooo excited. Even though my life here is frozen and boring at times (for those who don't know me well my home life is very normal and stable, no one has a clue what I do and I'm not quite the fun girl you see around here.......I have lots of family and friends around, but don't worry I am totally single!! Like you care but I thought you may like to know......single and not looking to change it hehe.) I really enjoy it and I'm glad I have everything that I do, I'm a really happy chic. The sanity Sat-Tues I have here with my normal life really makes the fun and crazy times that much funner (is funner a word? lmao.....is now!).

Thanks for listening to me ;) I'm sure the next few days will be my usual workout/tan boring days, but I'll check in. I'm off to Philadelphia Tuesday night which of course will be a shopping trip since I'll be near the King of Prussia mall which is one of my worst addictions. That place is GREAT! Even without sunshine I love it ;) I'll buy some outfits to model for a few new pictures. Goodnight.